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Bottle Bling Announce Limited Edition Marshmallow Snow Globe Gin

The ‘Snow Globe Gin’ idea has quickly caught on amongst retailers. Not only have M&S just released their new snow globe gin but so has Bottle Bling. Both different flavours yet both still so festive.

Whilst M&S have gone for a subtle, festive yet classy vibe with their Clementine flavour. Bottle Bling have gone a warm, festive yet cosy vibe with their toasted marshmallow flavour.

The toasted marshmallow is a more sweet tone which may encourage more people to indulge in this product. Both of these gins give an indulgent vibe though, as the idea of drinking delicate gold leaves whilst indulging in a gin seems the most sophisticated way to drink.

This gin liqueur would be best suited just served over ice or served over ice with a dash of tonic to make sure you get all the flavour in the gin.

The Toasted Marshmallow Snow Globe Gin is live on the Bottle Bling website now retailing at just £19.99 reduced from £34.99. This is slightly more expensive than M&S’ version of the snow globe gin and actually only has 22 Carat gold leaves in whereas M&S has 23 Carat gold leaves in. However, who cares when they are drinking gold?

Link to Bottle Bling’s Toasted Marshmallow – BOTTLE BLING

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