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M&S Announce Snow Globe Gin & It Looks And Sounds Divine

With only 96 days till Christmas to go, M&S have only gone and sent all gin connoisseurs into meltdown by announcing their new gin. The Clementine Snow Globe Gin!

This gin might possibly be their most beautiful looking gin so far! M&S have yet again added sophistication to another product. This gin sees beautiful, delicate gold flakes running through the clear liquid.

The clementine flavour is bound to make anybody feel festive but also feel refreshed by its citrusy flavours. This gin could be combined with a simple tonic water, a clementine flavoured tonic water which would enhance the flavour of the gin or could even be served with lemonade.

It is ideal for the festive party season to show off to friends by shaking the bottle to create a festive snow globe effect by the 23 carat gold leaf pieces floating around the bottle.

Even though Christmas is a few months away, M&S are releasing this gin on to it’s shelves as early as next week! How could you not feel the ultimate level of sophistication by sitting down and drinking a drink that contains 23 carat gold leaves?

M&S have entered the age of budget gins with this product by retailing this gin at just £15! Now if that doesn’t make gin lovers rejoice what will?

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