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Aldi Releases Candy Cane Flavoured Gin Liqueur For Only £9.99

Aldi have released a brand new festive flavour just in time for Christmas, the Candy Cane Flavoured Gin Liqueur.

This gin is bound to make anybody feel festive as Candy Cane is one of the most popular Christmas scents to date. With the festive season fastly approaching, it is sure to make an appearance soon on Aldi shelves.

Last year, gin lovers rejoiced over the idea of the gingerbread gin which got everybody feeling festive with its warm, sweet tones. This year can the Candy Cane Gin Liqueur make Christmas and gin lovers just as ecstatic as last year?

Available at Asda

This gin is retailing at just £9.99! Aldi have created a budget yet festive flavoured gin again just in time for Christmas! Pure genius.

Anybody else excited for this gin? I certainly am!

Christmas is meant to be a time for sharing, but I can’t see me sharing this one!

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