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Gordon’s Gin Cruise Is Coming to London Next Week

Gordon’s Gin Cruise is coming to London on Thursday October 3rd and Friday October 4th.

The Gordon’s Line will offer commuters the chance to opt out of their usual, hectic daily journey and take an alternative route home on a transport line like no other.

The boat will take passengers along the Thames from Canary Wharf to Vauxhall, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air and scenic city views as they travel.

But, that’s not all. Some of the more enjoyable bits of commuting, like getting immersed in a podcast, or toe-tapping along to music, will be brought to life aboard the Gordon’s Line. Between pier stops, guests will be able to enjoy their usual travelling entertainment in real life, with a live recording of the Nobody Panic podcast, as well as live music. Guests will also be offered comfortable seating, light refreshments and a complimentary Gin & Tonic from the Gordon’s onboard bar.

The Gordon’s Line will disembark from Canary Wharf and travel along the Thames, making stops at key London stations, before docking at St George’s Wharf Pier at Vauxhall. The boat will then travel back East to St Katherine’s Pier, ready to dock for the night. So, forget about using headphones, standing on the right, or ‘minding the gap’ – this is a journey to look forward to at the end of the day.

To book you place visit Gordon’s Line here.

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