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Wildcat Launches New ‘Cursed’ Blackberry Gin Just In Time For Halloween

Wildcat have released a brand new Blackberry flavoured gin and it’s the perfect Halloween gin! The new Blackberry gin is currently available in Tesco & Amazon.

Wildcat released the gin today which is also the anniversary of the devil who cursed the bramble bush in a fit of rage after landing on its prickly thorns in the autumn. Since then, it’s been told that no one should ever dare to consume brambles after this day (It’s never stopped us from Drinking our Bramble infused gin).

It contains blackberry, raspberry, hedgerow fruits and cherry for a sweet flavour. and is perfect for mixing and cocktails, giving a rich burst of berry flavour when mixed with tonic.

A 70cl bottle of Wildcat Bramble is currently £26 in Tesco, but for its launch, the drink has £5 off – and it’s also available on the supermarket’s website.

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