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Cottingley Gin’s Fairytale Collection Is Bringing Out The Inner Child In Every Adult!

This Yorkshire Company have set the bar high by not only creating a gin but creating fairytale gins!

Cottingley Gin have 5 fairytale gins and they are magical! By using many well-known flavours they have created; Cottingley Fairytale Elderflower Gin, Cottingley Gnome Rhubarb Gin, Cottingley Wizard Violet Gin, Sugar Plum Fairy Plum Gin and Yorkshire Dragon Banana and Strawberry Gin.

Even better all bottles have a shimmer effect which adds an extra sense of magic. The Gin’s were clearly inspired by the Yorkshire story of the Cottingley Fairies.

The Cottingley Gin Company has recommended a different mixer for each gin, making it a touch more personal for the customer. The bottle itself is beautiful as you can see the magical shimmer yet it also has a wax sealed lid and an eye catching, fairytale label.

This gin would look outstanding on any gin connoisseur’s shelf, i know i will be stocking up! You can grab a bottle for as little as £17.95 or you could indulge and get the larger bottle for £34.95.

This collection is absolutely magical, why not release your inner child? Gin and the magical idea of fairytale, surely there’s nothing better!

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