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The Elephant Gin Co Donates 15% Of Profits To The Endangered African Elephant Cause.

Elephant Gin has been created by using 14 different botanicals including rare African ingredients that havent been used to create a gin before.

The Elephant gin Company have an aim to become more planet friendly by trying to make as much of their product as recyclable and sustainable as possible. They have started by using glass bottles, natural corks, hemp string decoration and cardboard boxes. It’s not just the product itself but they have also been reducing the amount of plastic they use for shipment.

The Gin itself has actually won many awards, The gin won Worlds Best Dry Gin 2016. This gin has the normal juniper aromas that a normal gin would have but it also has a beautiful floral, fruity and spicy aroma to it.

Elephant Gin would be perfect served with ice and tonic or even added into a cocktail. Each bottle is custom-made, has hand-written labels and is embossed with a crest. Each batch is named after past great tuskers and elephants that Elephant Gin’s partner elephant conservation foundations currently help to protect.

The Elephant London Dry Gin retails at £30.90 but they do sell other gins too which have a different price range. 15% of profits from the Elephant Gin Company go towards The Endangered African Elephant Cause.

So, now you can be Eco-friendly, help the planet AND drink gin, it doesnt get much better than that.

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