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Poetic License Have Released Strawberries & Cream Gin 😍😍

Poetic License have created a Gin which is pure genius, Strawberries and Cream is by far one of the most popular British desserts. So creating it into a Gin is sure to set the British Gin loving public into a frenzy.

This Gin has a sweet tone to it which has been created by the fruity yet creamy taste and texture. Whilst also having the more original tones from the Gin like Juniper, Corriander and Orris Root.

As well as infusing the Gin they also distilled with botanicals in order to add more of a strawberry and creamy vibe. This gave the Gin its deep red colour but when tonic is poured onto the Gin it creates a beautiful blushed pink colour.

This bottle can be purchased from the Master of Malt for Β£32.75. It will definitely be added into my basket. With a beautiful flavour and beautiful bottle to match, what more could you want?

You can purchase the gin HERE.

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