Sainsbury's Sugar Plum & Chocolate Orange Gin
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Sainsburys Are Releasing A Shimmering Sugar Plum Gin & A Shimmering Chocolate Orange Gin 😍😍

Sainsbury’s have announced two new shimmery festive gins just in time for Christmas.

Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur and Sugar Plum Gin Liqueur what is more christmassy than that?

Image: Sainsbury’s)

The Chocolate Orange Gin contains citrusy notes alongside a cocoa tone. This si the perfect Gin to have this Christmas it contains the warm cosy vibe that everyone needs at Christmas.

The Sugar Plum Gin will have a sweet candy like tone to it whilst also having a shimmery pink colour to it.

So if you are a chocolate or fruit fan then either of these gins are for you, unfortunately the price and release date haven’t been announced yet but I can’t wait!

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