Retired Doctor Says Gin Is Secret To Long Life

100-Year-Old Retired Doctor Says Secret to Long Life Is Gin

A retired doctor from Bucksburn, Aberdeen who recently celebrated his 100th birthday has said a daily glass of gin helps you live longer, he’s done this for the last 70 years.

According to The Courier, former Doctor Donald Pennie revealed he has enjoyed a glass of gin everyday for the last 74 years as he marked the landmark milestone with a trip to his local pub.

Donald’s favourite pub is the ‘The Stag bar’ in Forfar. Donald planned to swig a sherry, gin and “finish it off with a dram”. But he ended up sticking to two gin and tonics after deciding that was “excessive”.

He said: “It was certainly a day that I will remember in the years to come. My recipe for reaching 100 is a gin every day since I was 26 years old”.

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