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Gin-Based Hard Seltzer is the Ultimate Low Calorie Summer Drinks

58 Gin, has taken London Dry Gin and added all-natural fizzy refreshment to create the ultimate low calorie summer tipple.

58 Gin’s: Hard Selzter

You may be asking yourself “What is a Hard Seltzer?” a Hard Seltzer is a trend that started in the USA which combines Sparkling Water, Alcohol and flavourings such as Natural Fruit extracts to create a super tasty low calorie beverage.

58 Gin’s Hard Seltzer is less than 67 calories per can and is available in two flavours, Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry, making it the perfect low calorie alcoholic beverage to enjoy whatever the occasion!

58 GIN

58 Gin combine their premium London Dry Gin, natural fruit flavours and the purest sparkling waters to achieve their elegant flavours. Their Hard Seltzers contain nothing artificial and have no added sugars or sweeteners, they’re also Gluten free and perfect for Vegans!

Carmen O’Neal, Managing Director, 58 Gin says: “We’re very excited for people to try the UK’s first gin-based hard seltzer, which has been created with the utmost care and attention to detail using premium all-natural ingredients.”

“With most people continuing to socialise outdoors this summer, the 58 Gin Hard Seltzers provide an exceptionally smooth, light taste that offer pure, convenient refreshment to health-conscious millennials.  Given the existing popularity of gin and the growing appeal of hard seltzers, marrying the two together seemed like a perfect match!”

Both flavours are available via Amazon below!

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